A New York City subway now can take you to Europe

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We all find ourselves being dragged into the routine of everyday life. A quick breakfast, a glance at the news, some kind exchanges with the one you love, and off to work. In a city, there is a good chance that you will take public transportation. It simply is the best way to get around. As you get into the subway car, you fall into your daily ritual and ignore those around you and even the environment around you.

American Airlines tapped into this commuter behavior to provide a truly memorable experience: they fully decorated the inside of a subway car to reflect a European destination, to immerse you in that beautiful escape. Buildings and trees and grass were all part of the environment. The outside of the subway car was decorated like the fuselage of an AA plane. Therefore, the subway car become the conduit to the wonderful destinations that you can experience with AA. The movement of the car as it propelled towards the next stop even mirrored the forward motion of a plane.

Commuter behavior truly changed as they entered the car. Blank stares changed to curious analysis. the movement coupled with the visual stimulation seemed to emotionally transport the commuters. People seemed to behave more youthful, happier. The positive association will definitely link back to the AA Brand. Have a look at the video. Very cool.

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