A new take on Drink Responsibly adverts

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heinekenAn important and often required advertising asset used by alcohol companies is the “drink responsibly” advert. Clearly these business want to sell product but want to ensure that their consumers live another day to be able to consume. While there have been really creative efforts developed by Brands around the world, they tended to lean on shock or expected behaviours. The intent was to drive home with force the implications of irresponsible behaviour. The example from Heineken below is just such an ad. It is a very creative effort but one that leans in on “shock” and “fear”.

Heineken has recently looked to innovate with this format by suggesting that more responsible drinking is “proven” to ensure more fun. They did this by setting up a test that demonstrates that when you dance, you drink more slowly, and end up having a lot more fun. While I am not sure whether this effort is authentic, the idea is interesting because it flips the expected approach for “drink responsible” messaging on its head while demonstrating leadership within the passion and environment that they want to own – music and nightclubs. Have a look.

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