A look into the future: Students at Cannes Lions show us the path where creativity and communications are heading

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There are a few events at Cannes that I think are brilliant because they give you a view into the future of the creative world. The first is Saatchi & Saatchi’s New Directors’ Showcase and the second is AKQA’s Future Lions. This post is to celebrate the content of the latter event.

The Future Lions event is a student and junior creatives competition designed to challenge thinking in ways that couldn’t have been produced 5 years ago. The submissions came from over 40 countries with over 1000 entries. The five winners are a testament to the brilliance in thinking and creativity of the young minds of the industry. Moreover, it shows how technology has been seamlessly integrated into concepts to create experiences and conversations as opposed to messages and sales pitches. More of this thinking is discussed in my other Cannes posts (see here and here).

Now let’s have a look at the Future Lions winner of 2012. The first winner is for Penguin Books called Soundtracks: essentially and app using Spotify where you can access soundtracks for every Penguin book. The work was created by Lisa Zeitlhuber and Nick Partyka from the Miami Ad School.

The second winner is for Visit Japan called Post from Japan: a program to help visitors to Japan promote tourism on the island through their travel photos. The work was created by Eva Wallmark, Rickard Beskow and Michal Sitkiewicz from the Berghs School of Communication.

The third winner is for Quiksilver called Made by Waves: A brilliant idea that uses the hydroelectric power of waves to power the Quiksilver factory turning the clothes into absolute sustainable items. The work was created by Patrick, Daniel and David from an unknown school.

The fourth winner is an unbranded idea called The Blackout Recorder: a mobile service that helps you see all the calls, messages, pictures, and travels you did the night before. The work was created by Florian Weitzel, Yvonned Truun, and Jonas Martin from the Berlin chapter of the Miami Ad School.

The fifth and final winner is for Bing called Bing Automatic, Search is now Automatic: An online tool that can attach online search to all Microsoft software so that research (be it looking for photos, quotes, references, information) will automatically load while you work so that you don’t have to go to Google and type in a search query. The work was created by Christopher Sheldon, Marybeth Ledesma, Nick Maschmeyer, Matthew Runde, and Nadia Hyder from the VCU Brandcenter.

Bing Automatic | Search is Automatic from Christopher Sheldon on Vimeo.

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