A growing trend: Brands that build-in consumer mood enhancement into product design and experience design

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Most brands try to tap into a consumer’s emotional state when experiencing or using their product, or when in an environment where their brand can be experienced or used. The goal is to create an intimate relationship, something that goes beyond a functional association. Now certain brands are going beyond tapping into a consumer’s emotional state, they are fueling it and possibly even changing it. The way that they are accomplishing this is by affecting the mood of the person who is experiencing the Brand.

The first category where they are attempting to influence the mood of their consumer is the restaurant business. A gourmet sandwich shop called Soundwich in Portugal delivers its food in a music tin where the tunes are selected by the chef to reflect the character and mood of the food. Not only does this added value product add personality and character to the sandwich, it ensures that you remember the food on two key senses – sound and taste. Both affect mood, so the Soundwich experience is quite powerful. Have a look at their site here – http://www.soundwich.pt/porto/index.html

The second category that is playing around with mood manipulation is fashion. A UK brand called Rainbow Winters (see site here) have developed a line that changes color in response to sound, sunlight, and water. The showpiece “Rainforest” dress, for instance, changes color when it is exposed to sunlight and water, morphing from a black and white print into living color. Their “Thunderstorm” and “Picasso Explosion” dresses, both react to varying sound volumes. It is a beautiful idea because the garments you wear will have an actual effect on your mood since humans have strong reactions to colors. This takes the idea of “my favorite dress” to a whole new level! Have a look at their video (a bit 1980s rock video but you get the idea).

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