A different take on music piracy: showing the effects through the music being pirated

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As part of a campaign to fight music piracy in Italy, several artists got together and recreated legendary portraits of artists using CDs of those artists. I love the meaning of this: and artist is his music; steal that music and you are somewhat erasing that artist. The project is all that more powerful when you see the selection of songs chosen. They reflect the emotional effect that piracy has on musicians (or could). Either way, I love the initiative because it has so many layers of meaning and the plain end result is beautiful. Have a look at the pictures and then enjoy the video at the end.

Jimi Hendrix – “I don’t live today”
Bob Marley – “Is this love”

Elvis Presley – “Don’t be cruel”

The Doors – “This is the end”
James Brown – “Can’t stand your love”
Freddie Mercury – “Too much love will kill you”
Michael Jackson – “The way you make me feel”

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