A brilliant new print idea by Coca-Cola opens the door to exploring how to exploit your print buy

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In the media landscape today, Brands are continually looking to find ways of making their buys work harder for them. There are multiple ways of attacking this challenge. One way is to think creatively about the media vehicle so that it is digested differently than would normally be. In this post I will explore magazine print. There are several Brands that I have written about in the past few years that have really stood out in their ability to lean into either the publication content that they were advertising in or the production capabilities of the publication. (See here for articles on this subject by other bloggers).

The most straightforward way of making the most out of your print buy is to play with the content around which your ad is placed. A great example of this came from a truck rental company in Virginia called DFM. They wanted to both attract renters when they were most likely to become customers and showcase how much room their trucks had. Their solution was a simple cut out placed into the Yellow Pages. The illustration below says it all.

Another way of making your print buy work harder for you is to push what the publication can do with production vis-a-vis inserts and the like. Naturally this will jack-up your costs but the rewards are often worth it, not just in the effectiveness of the magazine buy but also the PR value that a truly creative idea can generate. Tide used this approach in India and created an award-winning piece of work. In short, they re-invented the demo with an incredibly engaging interactive spread in a local magazine. The video perfectly brings it to life.

A final way that you can make more out of your magazine buy is when the actual magazine design is played with. The purpose here is that you turn your ad into utility so that your Brand stays with the consumer for longer than a typical print ad viewing or even longer than you would spend reading the magazine. A fantastic recent example from Coke in Brazil shows us how this is done. By folding the magazine a certain way they found an innovative way of turning it into a megaphone that amplified the sound of the music coming out of your iPhone. In short they turned their print ad into something that could bring happiness all day long. Have a look. (Thanks AdsOfTheWorld for pointing this one out).

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