5 Great Ads, 5 Emotions to enjoy

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imagesGreat commercials succeed because they trigger primitive emotions inside you. I say primitive, because all of us react to them, and they act as fuel for our lives. All great storytellers lean into them because they recognise that their audiences will be subconsciously wooed into full engagement. See whether you are drawn into these stories.

Adobe – 25 Years of Photoshop: A story that leans into nostalgia and attacks this emotion through a combination of song and vivid imagery. Memories are brought to the forefront creating an immediate connect to something that mattered and the Brand.

Facebook – Our Friends: A story the leans into connection, how we yearn for it, and how we find unique ways to create it. The parallels between how it was done in the past and how Facebook has recreated those exact rituals but online is striking. See if you are drawn in as much as I was.

Gatorade – Made In New York: A story that leans into belonging and how it brings you comfort and happiness. The story also shows how no individual is bigger than the environment that he or she belongs to.

Weight Watchers – If Your Happy: A story that leans into humour, which arguably is the greatest disarming agent the world has to offer. Regardless of how uncomfortable a topic, humour can create discussion around it. Have a look.

Pedigree – The Walk: A story that leans into compassion which is something that is more pertinent in this day and age than ever before. The lovely tale shows how cultural tension can quickly be broken by the disarming nature of fun-loving dogs. Have a look

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