2014 year in review – hope, inspiration, and the power of reality

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imagesIt is easy to look back at 2014 and say that it was a tough year. Conflicts are spreading like cancers to most parts of the world, great people that have enlivened us for years have passed, diseases have popped up that we have little control over, and an unusually large amount of tragedies have littered the past 12 months leaving behind sadness and confusion.

Meanwhile, humanity has shown that it has the resilience to easily shed the negative and focus on what can create positive change, on what is the good in people. We need only look at Google’s annual summary of what was most searched this past year. The results should not be surprising, and certainly up-lifting. Hope above fear, science over fiction, inspiration over destruction. We have been determined to achieve joy, justice, and optimism. Such momentum should lead into a vibrant year ahead where real change can occur.

Facebook’s Year in Review is also filled with shouts reminding of us of those that inspired, the things that were wrong, but also the charge to change the world. People’s voices are getting louder, more confident, and more demanding. It is very encouraging to see that the masses are slowly grabbing the power to force action by those people, institutions, and organisations that are not behaving correctly.

Youtube’s Rewind 2014 was more about the cultural content that filled the year. This original piece of video content is beautifully done and shows the incredible volume of fantastic content that was shared by all of us. The Ice Bucket Challenge played a dominant role. This incredible movement shows how humanity can rally behind a good cause and make it fun in the process, all thanks to social media.

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